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The NBI (Neethling Brain Instruments) Individual Profile Tool is for HR Managers, people leaders and individuals to measure thinking preferences, skill gaps and leadership style. The tool helps people develop self awareness and better relationships with other. It can also be used to improve teamwork, leadership and communication.



The NBI Individual Profile Tool is a collection of three Neethling Brain Instruments (NBI) – the NBI™ General Adult Instrument, the NBI™ Personal Skills Instrument and the NBI™ Leadership instrument. These instruments are a series of online questionnaires that compliment each other by enabling individuals to compare personal preferences in relation to their thinking, skills and leadership styles.

This page explains each of the components of this tool, outlines the benefits and describes what you receive.

NBI™ General Adult Instrument

The NBI™ General Adult Instrument is designed to evaluate and create a profile of an individual’s thinking preferences.

The left and right sides of our brains control different aspects of our thoughts and actions. The NBI™ General Adult Instrument explores this further and describes thinking preferences based on four thinking quadrants of the brain:

  • L1 – Analytical and factual (accurate, mathematical, critical, realistic, logical, performance-driven, objective)
  • L2 – Organised and detailed (structured, task-driven, planned, punctual, neat, reliable, step-by-step, thorough)
  • R1 – Strategic and unorthodox (big picture, imaginative, visualising, flexible, curious, risk-taking, unstructured, prefers change)
  • R2 – Interpersonal and sensitive (co-operation, sociable, approachable, empathy, teamwork, people-focus, involved, respectful, feeling, body language, touch, sensitive)

Below is an example of an NBI profile showing the four quadrants. It also shows the eight dimensions – two for each quadrant.

  • L1 Realist/Analyst (blue)
  • L2 Preserver/Organiser (green)
  • R1 Strategist/Imagineer (yellow)
  • R2 Socialiser/Empathiser (red)


NBI™ Personal Skills Instrument

The NBI™ Personal Skills Instrument creates a profile that identifies your skills. It highlights skills in areas that may be different to your thinking preferences. You may also have a strong thinking preference in one quadrant but have not developed the required skills.

Liking or preferring something does not always mean you have the skills to do it well. Conversely you may be skilled at something but not like doing it. In a work environment, it is difficult to sustain passion and energy, if the correlation between the preference profile and skills profile is low.

Comparing your NBI personal skills profile with your NBI general adult preferences profile will identify skill gaps and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

NBI™ Leadership Instrument

The NBI™ Leadership Instrument creates a brain profile providing insight into leadership styles and the preferences which guide people in leadership roles.  Leadership includes leading yourself and others. When leading others you will find people think differently to you.

Understanding your leadership style helps you discover areas for development and where to build on your strengths. Your leadership brain profile can help you with making decisions, building teams and understanding customers.

No NBI profile is right or wrong, good or bad. The report you receive provides an objective and descriptive view of your thought preferences, and makes recommendations based on those.

Benefits of the NBI Individual Pack

Everyone has preferred thinking styles. The NBI™ system is a well researched and reliable indicator of thinking preferences. The benefits of knowing your brain profile and comparing your thinking preferences, skills and leadership style  include:

  • Understanding how to developing better relationships with others
  • Helping you understand how to teach, lead and manage others
  • Understanding how to communicate more effectively
  • Helping you make sound and relevant decisions
  • Improving your self awareness
  • Determining opportunities for learning and development
  • Making more informed job and career choices

These benefits can lead to a more productive and fulfilled professional and personal life.

What You Receive

The instruments that make up the NBI Individual Profile Tool are conducted using online questionnaires. Our licensed NBI practitioner uses this information to create the profiles and report that you receive. Change Factory can also supply a supporting booklet ‘Understanding Your Whole Brain’ by Whole Brain Thinking Pty Ltd.

When multiple people in your organisation complete NBI™ Instruments, an overall organisational profile is also available. This gives a good indication into the group thinking preferences in a team environment. It can help understand behaviours and uncover opportunities for training and development.

Payment Methods for Multiple Purchases

Contact Change Factory if you need to order more than fifty copies of the NBI Individual Profile Tool. We can talk about a multiple purchase discount. Credit card payment facility is available on this website – simply click on the Add to Cart button at the top of this page. Or for multiple purchases, we can invoice you directly if you prefer.

For More Information

Call +61 3 9614 8177 or email Change Factory via our contact us page.

For more detailed information on the NBI™ General Adult Instrument and other related instruments visit this link Whole Brain Thinking.

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