Mike Dwyer
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M: +61 (0)404 483 556
T: +61 (0)3 9614 8177

With a background in science and commerce, and his knowledge of a little bit of everything, Mike is a versatile member of the Change Factory team and is called in to consulting engagements when his specialist skills are required.

What are 3 words that best describe you?

Inquisitive. Stubborn. Creative.

What are you passionate about?

Creating order from chaos. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than solving a problem that has previously been insoluble, because nobody considered the greater breadth and depth of influences that act on the problem and its best solution.

Who (or what) inspires you?

I’m inspired by concepts, such as perfection, clarity, and order. Everyone is human and nobody’s perfect, so I choose not to place the burden on one single person or example to inspire me.

What does change mean to you?

Change by itself is meaningless. Change happens. It’s how you react to it and what you do with it that defines you – but it doesn’t define the change. A change is defined by the people it affects, and how they change in response.

Why do you love working at Change Factory?

It’s a small enough company that I have the opportunity to make a difference. In my role, I can draw linkages between all of the parts and pull everything together in a cohesive package. I can get things done. In a bigger organisation, I would have to spend months in meetings to get one decision made.

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