Achieving Individual Adoption

To successfully manage change, two essential elements are required: Achieving Organisational Engagement, and Achieving Individual Adoption.

The three stages of personal belief

Achieving individual adoption involves three stages of personal belief:

  1. “I believe that the change is good for me”
  2. “I believe that the change is the norm and that my friends and colleagues support the change”
  3. “I have the capability, authority and access to any data required for me to implement the change”

Your change management plan should outline the tactics designed to step people through each of the stages.

Some of the actions might include:

  • Organising group discussions to uncover the fears that people hold about the change
  • Developing a robust and multi-faceted communications plan
  • Developing an internal brand for the change project.

When individuals are committed to the change, they will support the change and encourage others to do the same, as shown in the below Thoughts on the Line sketch.

Intention to change

Outwardly, people are excited and enthusiastic about the change:

  • “We have to do this!”
  • “This is important for us to do!”

Internally, they believe in the change:

  • “This will be good for me”
  • “I can do this and my past experience will not stop me”

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