Change Management

Make change work. And then, make it stick.

Have you ever experienced a change management programme that tried hard to communicate its key messages, but failed to hit the mark?  Like plastering slogans on mouse pads (who uses those any more)? Or maybe sending out a weekly status update on email that no one read?  Getting people to take notice and care about the change is a big part of what makes change management work.

Change through achieving organisational engagement, and individual adoption

Change management is more than just a well-executed model or plan.  It is about making change work through organisational engagement and individual adoption.

It is far easier for people to do what they have always done than to accept and adopt change. People are predisposed to stick with what they know. Individual adoption occurs when people understand the change, believe they can do what they need to (as well as have the tools) and feel that the change is now the social norm (everyone else is doing it too!).

Organisational engagement is achieved when management facilitates individual adoption by creating an environment that supports people to change.  Formal things that can be done to support individual adoption includes changing job roles, performance management plans and providing training.  Informal ways of supporting change can be as simple as allowing time for people to chat about the change and encouraging people to ask questions.

The right strategies and plans at the right time

Change needs to be well thought through and have a clarity of purpose.  You have to have all the right strategies and plans in place, such as those for change management, communications, stakeholder management and training. This will help your business strategy flow down into business outcomes.  Well thought through plans also prevent misalignment, such as training occurring before the change has been announced.

Build change capabilities for leaders and employees

Guiding your people through change – whether it be small or large – is an essential leadership skill.  Change Factory can help you develop your change capability, and your people’s ability to cope with change, through our Change Training Programmes, which include Leading Change and Coping with Change.

The Change Factory Transformation Model

Research and experience has given us insights into how to conduct effective change management programs.  From this vantage point, we have developed a model for transformational change, per the diagram below.

Transformation symbol with words

You can learn more about our transformation model here.

For assistance with your change or transformation project, or to find out more information about our approach, contact us today.