Strategy Development

Strategy is about choice.

At Change Factory, we believe that a strategy is a choice between two (or more) good things. Having a strategy built upon avoiding bad options is not the same as examining several different potential paths, and choosing the one that will create the most benefit for your organisation. After all, the whole point of a strategy is that you are trying to lead your organisation to greener pastures.

Many strategies today are encapsulated in monolithic documents with tables of contents that go on forever. Trying to read all the way through them is difficult, and trying to explain them clearly and succinctly is even harder.

This is a real problem when the entire point of a strategy is to be the touchstone for the behaviour of every single person who works in your organisation.

Strategy on a Page

We build strategies quickly and clearly using several tools, through a facilitated workshop involving an organisation’s top decision-makers. We challenge the traditional definitions of corporate visions and missions until we get to a clear, unambiguous direction for the organisation, and then we start in on the corporate goal, targets and appropriate underlying structures. We call this Strategy on a Page.

strategy on a page

Being able to distil the corporate goal, numerical targets, key pillars, and supporting initiatives down to a single page provides a foundation for explaining your strategy to your staff, and gives you the clarity you need to understand not only what activities you need to do more of, but the things you need to stop doing if your strategy is going to succeed.

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