Instructional Design

Close any skills and knowledge gaps.

We can help you to analyse the current state of skills and knowledge versus your desired future state, and design learning experiences to help move people there. We take into account factors such as: the time they have available, their geographic location, preferences for ways of learning, the technology available.

A layered approach is used, to maximise knowledge retention. This ensures that trainees:

  • Know,
  • Comprehend, then
  • Apply their learnings.

Examples of exercises to match learning outcomes include:

If your goal is to achieve: Try:
Knowledge Quizzes
Comprehension Draw a picture of, rephrase the following in your own words
Application Case studies, role plays
Analysis Provide recommendations on specific case studies
Synthesis Write instructions on, teach someone how to
Evaluation Observe, then do

People learn by doing, so our training involves a lot of activity and interaction. Our default position is ‘no slides’, so you won’t see many (if any!) PowerPoint slides featured in our learning activities.

We are adept at working with subject matter experts, and can deliver all of the elements required: from facilitator’s guides to instructor’s notes to participant guides.

To discuss your organisation’s learning needs, contact us today.