Project Management

Not just a pretty Gantt Chart

Project management is more than just putting all your tasks and resources into a Gantt chart and seeing what happens – as satisfying as that is. Done well, project management turns your project goal into reality: on time, on budget and with real buy-in from your stakeholders.  Project outcomes become embedded into your organisation so that success is exactly how you envisaged it – not just on the day of project completion, but years later, so that you have lasting change.

A framework for success

When it comes to designing project management frameworks we believe that one size does not fit all.  Frameworks need to be fit for purpose and tailored to what success looks like – as defined by the client. We work with you to design programme methodologies, prepare project templates and develop the capacity of your staff to effectively manage projects. We provide everything you need to manage your next change project.

Project planning

Planning a project starts with agreeing what success looks like and how it will be measured. We conduct base-lining, set KPIs and design a testing methodology to verify that project success has been achieved. Our testing methodology is different for every client, because each client is unique in their circumstances and their vision of success. For example, where ‘knowledge transfer’ is desired, we can design training evaluation forms, develop written and on-the-job assessments and interview participants post-training to see whether they use the new knowledge.

Project delivery

Project delivery is paramount.  For us, project delivery involves delivering exactly what the client expects on time, on budget and on quality. We do exactly what needs to be done to ensure lasting change.  Our approach to planning is practical and realistic. We plan enough, but not too much. This means we expect change to happen and build flexibility into the plan.

Part of our project framework design is building check points to ensure behavioural change outcomes and over-arching deliverables are met.  At these points (for example at 30, 60 or 90 day intervals), the project plan is reassessed and changes made as needed, to ensure new information/risks/the unexpected is taken into account.  Planning check points with the client allows for flexibility to do what needs to be done to deliver the project.

Project control

Our clients value a sense of control over project outcomes, cost and timelines. We provide that control by attentively managing project risks and issues. We monitor the risk environment for the project and the company as a whole. Findings and suggested risk mitigation strategies are shared openly with stakeholders.

We will provide you with a single point of contact, and work with you to agree on a form and frequency of communication that you are comfortable with. We understand that some people may want to have a quick chat over the phone each day to discuss project progress, while others may want to see a detailed Gantt chart or a traffic light report each week . For remote clients, catch ups over Skype are often the preferred option and allow for verbal and visual communication.

To talk to us about our approach to project management and how we might be able to help you and your project, contact us today.