Board Development

How do I ensure our board has the right capability to steer through major reforms?

Changes to legislation, government reforms, CDC, increasing competition, mergers and acquisitions, changing workforce cultures – all these changes contribute to the importance of having good governance and strategic direction. Is your board ready to navigate the changes and effectively steer the organisation?

Developing Great Boards
Whether yours is a newly formed board or an established one, we can help to increase the capability of your board members by tailoring the training programme to the specific needs of your organisation.

We go beyond a simple list of duties of the board members and into the ‘how’. Some examples of topics we have covered in past board training include:

  • Managing risk to ISO 31000
  • Conducting workforce planning
  • Building a succession plan
  • Writing a vision and mission statement
  • Developing policies
  • Financial literacy (eLearning and face-to-face)
  • Establishing and tracking performance metrics.

Our board development is a blend of theoretical and experiential learning, designed to impart critical board governance knowledge in a practical way.

The programme is scalable, depending on your requirements, so you can engage us to conduct training in specific areas, or on an ongoing basis. We conduct a 2 day workshop that is suitable for small to medium organisations and not-for-profit boards.

Benefits of training with Change Factory

  • Training is conducted onsite and can be customised to suit your board’s current capability levels.
  • Learning outcomes are identified and aligned to your training needs.
  • Your current strategy is reviewed against aged care reforms.
  • Financial literacy training available via eLearning and face-to-face training.
  • Workbook includes an action plan to help facilitate transfer of learning back to the workplace.
  • Our track record in board training design and facilitation enables us to provide insights on what really works.

To find out more about how we can help develop your board and its members, download our brochure Board Development, or contact us today.