Managing the Change in Aged Care from a Catering Mindset to a Hospitality Experience

In May 2015, Change Factory presented at the LASA Victoria Aged Care Catering and Hospitality seminar in Melbourne. The presentation covered three areas relating to managing the change in aged care from a catering mindset to a hospitality experience.

1. How to create strategic opportunity through food services

  • Reviewing your strategy
  • Segmenting your audience
  • Determining where you are on the fair value line

2. How to identify operational opportunities to create lasting impressions

  • Mapping your Moments of Truth
  • Setting standards

3. How to engage staff to implement change

  • Training and empowering your staff

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Consumer Directed Care comes into affect for home care from July 2015. Consumer choice in residential aged care will follow. This provides an opportunity for aged care providers to differentiate themselves and target customers who are a good fit for their organisation. Food Services is an area that enables providers to do this.

A catering mindset relates to efficient production and delivery of meals, often driven by keeping costs and service levels down. It generally involves less variety with basic food presentation and low levels of customer service.

A hospitality experience means a wider choice of quality and cost. This can include food and beverage matching, incorporating locally grown produce, high presentation on the plate and a well thought our dining interior and environment. It is also associated with great customer service.

The benefits to your organisation of creating a hospitality experience include:

  1. Identifying how to keep your existing customers happy using food and the dining experience
  2. Attracting target clients through word of mouth
  3. Food service staff feeling valued and actively contributing to your brand
  4. Market differentiation

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