Performance Management

How do I attract and keep the right people?

Attracting and retaining the ‘right’ staff to succeed for your organisation is challenging in the current Australian aged care sector. As business models and individual role profiles change due to industry reforms, so the need to find people with the right skills, attitudes, emotional intelligence and resilience to perform well is higher than ever before. But how do you do that?

Sustainable People Performance Management
Change Factory helps our clients address key people management areas that, if planned and implemented well, will improve and sustain your staff performance levels. We can enable you to:

  • Adopt a strategic view on workforce planning and development.
  • Recruit, select and engage the ‘right’ people for your organisation’s needs, present and future.
  • Detect and manage underperformance and lead your team towards the performance level your organisation requires to fulfil its strategic goal.
  • Achieve long-term return on your training investment through adopting learning solutions with measurable workplace outcomes and high retention of learning.

How we help you reach your performance objectives
Change Factory does not offer ‘cookie-cutter’ solutions and we do not impose our ‘mould’ onto your human resources function. We create the right solution for your individual organisation’s needs by consulting with your key stakeholders in meetings and workshops, examining existing systems and processes, investigating gaps between the current and desired state, and finally by recommending a service solution that will provide the best outcomes for your organisation. The solution may include any or a combination of the following:

  • Design, development and delivery of training (on or off-the-job, distance, eLearning, coaching, mentoring, train-the-trainer).
  • Facilitation services (strategic/business/workforce planning).
  • Consultancy and strategic tool development (workforce planning and development frameworks, competency frameworks, training needs analyses, performance management systems).
  • Consultancy and operational tool development (performance plans, performance conversation workshop, learning and development plans, induction packs, rewards and recognition schemes).
  • A 360 degree feedback tool, cultural profiling, thinking styles profiling (Life Style Inventory, Organisational Culture Inventory/Organisational Engagement Inventory, Neethling Brain Instrument).

Working with your HR and Learning and Development Managers
For organisations with a HR or Learning and Development manager, we can work with you to design and implement a performance management system or improve your current system.

Change Factory also runs train-the-trainer workshops to embed the knowledge for future staff training. This aids both organisational engagement and individual adoption of performance management.

We use a rapid 90-day planning process, which allows your actions to be scheduled in manageable blocks of time. 90 days allows for focus and commitment, but with enough time to get the job done and for regular reviews to occur.

For more about Change Factory’s Integrated Performance Management System and how to develop high performing employees, visit our website

Benefits of Training with Change Factory

  • Change Factory designs training to maximise transfer of learning back into the workplace.
  • We help you measure the value of performance management training in your organisation and how to determine the ROI.
  • Training can be customised to suit your organisation

To find out how performance management consulting and training can help you attract, keep and develop high performing employees, download our brochure Performance Management, or contact us today.