Moments of Truth

How do I know what our customer’s perceptions really are?

A Moment of Truth is any opportunity to create a lasting perception in your customer’s mind. Moments of Truth are everywhere in your aged care organisation. The way your receptionist greets the family of your residents. The cleanliness of your facility. The quality and quantity of your food. Every interaction is an opportunity to provide exceptional customer service.

But what about the ones you can’t see? What if, despite everything you know, the one critical factor that is causing angst to your residents and their families is something you haven’t considered—like the number of spaces in your car park or the amount of time cars tend to stay in them?

Consumer Directed Care (CDC) gives aged care consumers greater control and choice over their lives in care. To be properly prepared, you need to know what your residents and their families find important.

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Moments of Truth Mapping
Moments of Truth mapping is one of the most powerful things you can do to improve your performance on service-delivery. Change Factory can help you:

  • Discover what really makes your clients, and their decision-makers, ‘tick’.
  • Achieve confidence in knowing where to allocate your resources for maximum service impact.
  • Engage your staff by providing them with the ‘line of sight’: Let them see how their individual efforts contribute to the overall service promise of your organisation.
  • Increase the likelihood of being referred to as a ‘provider of choice’.

How Change Factory can help you with your Moments of Truth
Change Factory works with aged care providers from both the for-profit and not-for profit sector. We do not offer ‘cookie-cutter’ solutions. Instead, we use what we have learnt from many client service related projects and adopt our flexible Moments of Truth mapping framework that includes:

  • Mapping your customers’ experience to determine their Moments of Truth.
  • Surveying and evaluating your customers’ (and their decision-makers’) actual service experiences.
  • Reviewing customer complaints and employee observations.
  • Identifying the current situation versus the desired situation and defining the gap.
  • Prioritising the changes to be made (including any training and performance management for staff).
  • Executing the changes.
  • Measuring and reviewing for effectiveness.

To find out how to map your Moments of Truth, or for more information about how Change Factory can help you improve your service delivery through mapping your Moments of Truth, download our brochure Moments of Truth or contact us today.